Saturday 9 December 2023


In HTML there is the TT tag which displays text using the "teletype font", though some assume this also means typewriter. It is sometimes assumed that typewriter "fonts" or typefaces are all the same, or very similar in any case. Something like the Courier New font used in this blog.

In fact every manufacturer tended to have their own typeface, even individual typewriter models could have a unique typeface. Below are a few examples from some of the machines in my collection. They are all pretty similar (except maybe the Tippa's) but all were different in size, width and strength.

Tuesday 5 December 2023

More on the Lettera

I have had the Olivetti Lettera 32 for a while now so how is the typewriter like? It is a fine machine that works pretty well with just the occasional slow return by a typebar, the typing is pretty clear and crisp though there isn't a lot of excitement i.e. noise. Aesthetically i am not a big fan of it, though it is the most 60s/70s colour you can imagine, but there are uglier machines in the collection so i can live with that. 

Saturday 2 December 2023

Boots 224

There are two Boots branded typewriters in the collection, so why not a Boots calculator as well? The Boots 224 Memory is a nice late 1970s machine with a square root and percentage functions to go along with the basic four arithmetric functions. As the name implies, the calculator has memory too and works fine, numbers displayed using an eight digit VFD display. This is in fact a rebranded Casio Memory B-1.

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Typing on a Tippa

Another typing video.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Comparing print calculators

Recently my Mum bought a new calculator with a printer built-in (a Casio HR-8RCE to be exact). I thought it would be interesting to compare it with my Silver-Reed 1250PD which i restored back to full printing order earlier in the year.

Obviously, the first thing to notice is the size difference. While the Casio is a neat little battery powered machine not much bigger than a printer-less calculator, the Silver-Reed is a mains powered behemoth. The keypad of the Casio doesn't have much give compared to the Silver-Reed, i think the latter would be a more comfortable machine to use all day.

The Casio has an LCD display while the Silver-Reed has green glowing VFD (so you can do your accounts in the dark, unless there is a power cut of course). Although the Casio's printer is adequate, the small size does mean the digits are a little thin. The print quality of the Silver-Reed is a little better, and it has red ink for negative figures.

Both are fine machines though which do their jobs well. But i am sure you all know which one i prefer.