Sunday 26 November 2023

Comparing print calculators

Recently my Mum bought a new calculator with a printer built-in (a Casio HR-8RCE to be exact). I thought it would be interesting to compare it with my Silver-Reed 1250PD which i restored back to full printing order earlier in the year.

Obviously, the first thing to notice is the size difference. While the Casio is a neat little battery powered machine not much bigger than a printer-less calculator, the Silver-Reed is a mains powered behemoth. The keypad of the Casio doesn't have much give compared to the Silver-Reed, i think the latter would be a more comfortable machine to use all day.

The Casio has an LCD display while the Silver-Reed has green glowing VFD (so you can do your accounts in the dark, unless there is a power cut of course). Although the Casio's printer is adequate, the small size does mean the digits are a little thin. The print quality of the Silver-Reed is a little better, and it has red ink for negative figures.

Both are fine machines though which do their jobs well. But i am sure you all know which one i prefer.